IP Venturing

Introductions to existing Open IP Licensing Platforms
Create new Global IP Licensing Platforms

Global Open IP
Licensing Platforms

IDEAHUB oversees multiple worldwide licensing platforms and offers portfolio licenses to the marketplace. By joining an Open IP licensing platform, an IP owner can recover its investment in short order. IDEAHUB will create a new IP licensing program if the technology is valuable and does not fit within an existing platform.

In-depth IP Valuation
Exclusive Licensing Agent

Strategic Licensing

Most patent owners know who infringes their IP but do not know how to address it. Sometimes litigation is the answer - other times it is the worst option. IDEAHUB will develop a strategy that finds a solution that fits your business objectives. As an exclusive licensing agent, IDEAHUB will oversee and maximize licensing revenue in a cost effective way that makes sense for your business.

Emerging companies sometimes do not have enough IP and experience to defend their business from competitors
IDEAHUB enables its clients to benefit from IDEAHUB's thousands of IP assets for defensive purposes

IP Umbrella

In a competitive global environment, IP is essential to success in the marketplace. For small and mid size companies, procuring IP for defensive purposes is time consuming, costly and often frustrating. With the IDEAHUB IP Umbrella service, companies can save time, money and resources and find a quick solution to its IP problems.