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IDEAHUB Recruits Bill Geary, Former Vice President of MPEG LA, Kicks O…

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IDEAHUB Recruits Bill Geary, Former Vice President of MPEG LA, Kicks Off Globalization


·  Increasing need to obtain outstanding patents around the world and develop long-term patent licensing programs

·  Strengthening global networking through deep contacts in the patent licensing industry


The patent monetization company IDEAHUB (CEO Kyeongsu Im) announced that it has hired Bill Geary, a global patent licensing expert, as the head of its new business development team.


With over 30 years of experience in patent licensing, Bill is well-known in the patent industry, having served as Vice President of Business Development for 17 years at MPEG LA (now Via LA), which is credited with establishing the model for the modern patent pool system.  Bill was with Samsung Electronics for 11 years before joining MPEG LA.


During his tenure at MPEG LA, Bill Geary led the launch of the ATSC Broadcast Standard Patent Licensing Program and the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) Standard patent licensing program, as well as a number of other standard patent licensing programs for broadcasting, video and audio encoding, wireless charging, digital interfaces, and more, which arguably cover the history of patent pools. Industry analysts say Bill Geary’s vast network of technology companies, labs and manufacturers around the world has been a key factor in the success of these programs.


This is Bill’s second time with a Korean company.  Before joining MPEG LA, he was General Patent Counsel and head of the Samsung Electronics office in Washington, DC.  He was with Samsung Electronics for 11 years handling patent licensing and litigation in various technology fields such as semiconductors, mobile communications, TVs, laptops, optical devices, and cameras.

Bill Geary will play a pivotal role in the Patent Licensing at IDEAHUB, focusing on discovering and acquiring top patents globally and identifying monetization opportunities worldwide.


Bill is being evaluated as a role model by numerous individuals in the patent industry, and as he settles into a new home at IDEAHUB, its movements are also being noticed.


IDEAHUB is preparing to go public  this year, and is expected to focus on securing excellent patent rights as the foundation of its ongoing patent monetization business, with contributions from Bill Geary's global network, and CEO Kyeongsu Im said, "We plan to continue to secure excellent talent at home and abroad, and through this, we will further accelerate our growth into a world-class patent monetization company beyond the best in Asia."